With help from someone972 and Soapy, I extracted the levels and models from the games Driver (, PC) and Driver 2 (, PlayStation).


Driver 1&2 viewer – all levels from Driver and Driver 2 (including the beta demo) with a special viewer (most gallery snapshots were taken with this program)

Driver Levels as VRML – all levels from Driver and all levels, cars, and textures from Driver 2 (including the beta demo), converted to VRML/Bitmap, with Lean Viewer


We have accurately written down all our findings at the Driver Madness forums.

Our extracted levels have been ported to:

Most valuable sources of information for me were someone972’s Driver Level Editor on GitHub and his Driver 2 Level Specification.

Soapy, the mastermind behind The Driver Syndicate, reverse engineered Driver 2’s code and put it on github as REDRIVER2. It’s an invaluable source of knowledge on Driver 2’s internals.

YouTube user TecFox extracted the original soundtracks of the PlayStation versions of Driver and Driver 2. (They were not stored as sound files, but as notes. The PC port got a different soundtrack.)


Various snapshots I have taken of my experiments (newest first):