Namco’s 1999 Press Kit (3): More Games

Last time, I showed off the Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere assets from the long-forgotten Namco 1999 Press Kit. Now it’s time to look at the other three games: Ridge Racer Type 4, Dragon Valor, and Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis.

Ridge Racer Type 4

Beta Screenshots

Presumably, these screenshots denote a beta of the PAL version of the game (the folder name says 90% [finished]).

If anyone can confirm/refute this, I’d love to hear!

PAL 1.psd PAL 2.psd PAL 3.psd PAL 4.psd PAL 5.psd PAL 6.psd PAL 7.psd PAL 8.psd PAL 9.psd PAL10.psd PAL 11.psd PAL 12.psd PAL 13.psd PAL14.psd

High-Resolution Intro Stills

Stills from the game’s intro in unprecedented quality (720×390, lossless compression – much better than the actual intro you can see here).

The images are PSD files; their filenames denote the frame numbers in the intro.

After writing this article, I found even more high-resolution intro stills on the Press Day Art Disk (Europe). Check them out if you’re making your own remastered intro 🙂

OPG0280 OPG0681 OPG0776 OPG0876 OPG0991 OPG1111 OPG1359 OPG1690 OPG1849 OPG2234 OPG2298 OPG2500 OPG2708 OPG2754 OPG3116


High-resolution logo, lossless compression, with alpha channel!

Ridge Racer Type 4 title logo

Dragon Valor

This game doesn’t seem to have a large fanbase, so I’ll keep it short: There’s nine screenshots from a 10% state of the Japanese version, taken in February 1999 (i.e. long before the game’s release). They are immense in size, so I didn’t bother uploading them here.

There’s also ultra-high-resolution character art (3800 pixels high!) and a logo with full alpha transparency preserved.

Artwork from Dragon Valor (1999)
Some artwork. (Downscaled by me; the full version is muuuch larger.)

Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis

Screenshots from the Japanese game version; photos of Anna; logos.

The End

That’s it for now. I hope that my little journey through Namco’s 1999 titles helps preserve these almost forgotten disc contents. Even better if you enjoyed it!