Krishty’s Articles

Poisson 2D Triangulation in Linear Time and Memory
Generating a triangle mesh from Blue Noise.
Ace Combat 3: A Glimpse of Source Code
Spotting function names in the game’s cutscenes.
Ace Combat 3: Skies
Light reading on how the game stores its sky and clouds.
Namco’s PS-Y Compression
Or: How to reverse engineer a 90s compression algorithm?
How to Use Notepad++ in Git
Don’t like Vim? Git can be configured to use Notepad++ instead!
Infogrames E3 1998 Press Kit
Artwork and pre-release info on DID’s flight simulations.
How to Optimize a Git Repo
If you wonder why your git repositories are so fat.
A Look at Build Systems (2): Ninja
A collection of Ninja’s strengths and weaknesses.
Namco’s 1999 Press Kit (1)
Namco’s 1999 Press Kit (2): Ace Combat 3
Namco’s 1999 Press Kit (3): More Games
Me looking through screenshots and artwork for old PlayStation games.
A Look at Build Systems (1): Make
A collection of Make’s strengths and weaknesses.
(Ab)Using Ninja: Configurations
How to compensate for Ninja’s lack of if/else statements.