A flight simulator that I’m developing with mikew and DrKevDog from the Community.

It aims to be a clone of F‑22 Total Air War (), but it is also compatible with its predecessors F‑22: Air Dominance Fighter (), EF2000 (), and TFX ().

in-game snapshot



One day I’ll write a setup for this …

  1. System requirements:
    • Requires F‑22 Total Air War 2, F‑22 Total Air War, F‑22: Air Dominance Fighter, or Super EF2000.
    • Requires Windows 7 or later. Should run on Windows XP as well.
    • You need a Direct3D 9-compatible graphics card (ATI Radeon 9500 / Nvidia GeForce MX or higher – basically any decent GPU you bought after ).
  2. If you are running a Windows version older than Windows 7, download and install the DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010). Otherwise, TFXplorer will not start due to D3DX9_43.DLL missing.
  3. If you have Total Air War 2 installed, copy TFXplorer x86.exe and the UAW folder to the Total Air War 2.0 folder. If you have ADF, TAW or Super EF2000 installed, copy them to their respective PROGRAM folder.
  4. Double-click TFXplorer x86.exe. The splash screen should appear.

Total Air War’s Gameplay

HUD snapshot

We ported TAW’s aerodynamics & flight controls to TFXplorer and improved them:

HUD overhaul:

Sound effects & Bitchin’ Betty:

Animated MFDs:

Realistic landing gear:

Improved Graphics

F-22 on an airfield

Graphics is built natively on Direct3D 9 and features a vastly improved experience over the original games.

The simulation can be run either in full-screen or in windowed mode.

Alt +  toggle full-screen/windowed mode

EF2000 compatibility

F-22 landing on an airfield in EF2000

All TAW gameplay features are also available in EF2000 mode, just with EF2000’s graphics.

Hidden Levels

F-22 over TFX’s hidden Libya map

Modification of the game.cfg file allows to choose levels. A variety of levels from TAW, EF2000, and TFX is supported, much of which were never accessed before.

SEAWORLD= (TAW mode only)
0 lauch the Red Sea level
1 launch the hidden Seaworld level
LEVEL= (EF2000 mode only) Launch a specific level:
Angola.lev hidden Angola level
Craig.lev hidden Norway-ish level
Hasbro.lev hidden Norway-ish level
Iceland.lev hidden Iceland level
Korea.lev hidden Korea level
Libya.lev hidden Libya level
Martin.lev hidden Norway-ish level
Norway.4ev Norway level
Wales.lev hidden Wales level


Watching a 767 in SmartView

Enable SmartView via F12. It allows to inspect every unit in the current level.

F12 switch to next unit
(only if playable) take control

Explorer Mode

EF2000 level in explorer mode

In explorer mode, you can inspect the terrain freely without gameplay or physics restrictions. It is accessed via Shift + Q; X.

left mouse button move forward
Shift + S cycle the time of day
N toggle night vision (only at night)
F1 toggle wireframe rendering
F2 take a screenshot and save it as a bitmap with a reconnaissance-like look
F3 switch from Glide to Direct3D and vice versa (only important for developers)
F4 toggle target names
F5 back to in-game mode
repeat S or X increase or decrease range of sight
Num 8 glide north
Num 2 glide south
Num 4 glide west
Num 6 glide east
Num 5 glide up
Ctrl + Num 5 glide down


TFXplorer is compatible with these standard settings in the Game.cfg file:

0 F-22 prototype paint scheme
1 F-22 paint scheme
2 Saudi F-22 paint scheme
3 green F-22 camo
0 force keyboard controls even if a joystick is attached
1 use joystick if attached; use keyboard otherwise
0 smooth camera movements (recommended)
1 direct camera movements
0 do not update MFDs in real-time (currently disables MFDs entirely)
1 display MFDs and update in real-time
0 cannon ammo is limited
1 cannon ammo is unlimited