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New Article on Ace Combat 3’s Skies

If you are curious about how the game stores its skies and clouds: I’ve written an article about it here. A shorter version is also available on X, if you prefer!

New Ace Combat 3 artwork, movie stills, beta screenshots

I just re-discovered the forgotten Namco 1999 Press Kit with interesting Ace Combat 3 promo material on it. DragonSpikeXIII has an overview, and I’ve written three articles about it!

New Forum for TFXplorer

After 25 years, the forum shut down. This was a problem for me, as the majority of TFXplorer discussion was hosted there! So I’ve quickly set up phpBB for my own discussion forum at

If you are interested in EF2000, ADF, or TAW, feel free to join!

New Articles on Build Systems

I’ve written two articles regarding GNU Make and Ninja, and there’s more to come in my new Articles section!

A Look at Build Systems (1): Make

(Ab)Using Ninja: Configurations

The Story of Total Air War

I’ve been writing about DID’s Total Air War for quite some time. The article grows and grows, so I figured I should release what I have so far.

It’s about the production of the game, about its source code, its modding community, and the big purge of the SimHQ forums.

If you enjoyed DID’s flight simulations, head over and enjoy 15 minutes of sweet nostalgia!

Driver Updated

I finally managed to export the Driver 1 levels as VRML with BMP textures. You’ll find them together with the Driver 2 levels in my level archive!

I also added an updated version of my viewer and the VRML thumbnail handler 🙂

Visit my Driver page for details.

New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Build

My S.T.A.L.K.E.R. build is now rendering in sRGB color space, i.e. gamma-correct HDR.

You can get the new build here, watch snapshots here, or read about the programming stuff in German here!

New TFXplorer Screenshots

TFXplorer currently receives a major UI overhaul to make all the hidden levels of Total Air War and EF2000 more accessible to fans. There’s a ton of new screenshots in the gallery!

Driver Updated

Another beta version of Driver 2 has leaked, and I have analyzed it on Driver Madness. Not only are there new snapshots in my gallery, I have also updated the VRML download: It now includes all versions of Driver 2, its car models, and has countless texture problems fixed!

Ace Combat Updated

I’ve managed to extract more of Ace Combat 2’s playable aircraft. You can find the new snapshots in my gallery!

Ace Combat Updated

A few weeks ago, vlogger Argonbolt asked me for some pictures of his favorite Ace Combat 2 locations, Saint Ark and Port Edwards. I’ve placed the high-resolution snapshots in my gallery. Enjoy!

Ace Combat Progress and Ostrich’s Death Rave 2000 skin

Ostrich used my extracted Ace Combat 2 data to remake the Death Rave 2000 skin for Ace Combat 7. You can download it here and see a side-by-side comparison here!

I’m still having some trouble with the player models, so I won’t upload my extracted Ace Combat 2 data yet. However, RythusOmega gave me some valuable tips so it won’t take long to crack the format 😊

TFXplorer added

The Total Air War clone I’m working on – TFXplorer – has been added to the site, along with more than 200 screenshots and videos from the development phase since 2011. Particle systems, physics tests, and all kinds of bugs and random failures – all is there.

3View added

A few years ago, I helped modding DID’s flight simulation games. I found the model format specifically hard to understand, so I wrote a viewer for it: 3View. It now has finally found its way onto my website.

I uploaded countless screenshots from the development phase with deep insight into the internals of EF2000 (), F‑22: Air Dominance Fighter (), and F‑22 Total Air War (). If you liked these games, you should have a look!

Ace Combat Updated

I fixed the gamma correction in my extracted Ace Combat 3 levels. They were overly dark, and I narrowed the issue down to the PSX’s gamma curve. Moreover, the download now includes weapon models for individual levels. Grab the download directly here or head over to my Ace Combat page!

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Updated

My latest build comes with a monolithic XR_3DA.exe and some small performance improvements. You can download it from my S.T.A.L.K.E.R. page!

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