TFX Forum Archive

Backups of various forum threads on Digital Image Design’s flight simulations: EF2000, F22 Air Dominance Fighter, F22 Total Air War.





Large amounts of knowledge on DID’s games have been gathered in forums over the years. We need to access this knowledge for our continued efforts to mod the TFX games, but:


Where possible, I copied the HTML source of posts from the Internet Archive without any ads, signatures, or other clutter. Some threads were only available as screenshots or PDF files; I had to transcribe them.

I applied minimal CSS styling for better overview and for support of dark themes.

I tried to fix the formatting wherever I could, including:

How do I link a specific post?

I have yet to add permalink buttons, but all posts are numbered starting at zero. So pick the address of the thread and append #0 to refer to the first post, #14 to refer to the 15ᵗʰ, and so on.